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Hi! My name is Patricio Requena, and I am currently working remotely as a Freelance Data Scientist / Python-Dev to build my career. I'm open to full-time offers.

Since I was young, I've always felt curious about technology topics; in high school, I learned coding. I've known as self-taught how to code in Python and analyze data.

Managing data analyzing and training models to predict new data is something that I enjoy doing; that's why I decide to start my career as Data Scientist.

Basic Info


I'm constantly improving my technical skills, and this section is to list some of them.

Data Analysis

Using Tableau, I can portray analyzed data into interactive dashboards. Also, with code using python libraries.

Machine Learning

I can use Python libraries like Scikit-Learn, which provide some machine learning algorithms to train and predict new data.

Python Programming

Web Scraping, Data Analysis, Visualization, and Backend Development with Django & FastAPI.

Projects Completed

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Awards Won

My Portfolio

When I learn something new, I like to put into practice that new knowledge. Here, you can see some of my personal projects and also projects that I've made for clients.

My Resume

I've learned all that I know from different places and also applied that to different projects. This section is to show you the list of that information.


2021 Datacamp.

Data Scientist with Python

Career path of some courses to learn how to analyze, visualize, and build ML models with Python.

2017-Today Universidad Politécnica Salesiana.

Electronics & Automation Engineering

During my time at university, I've learned more about hardware and how I can automate some tasks combining software and hardware.

2009-2015 Colegio de Bachillerato Remigio Geo Gomez Guerrero.

High School Graduated in Software Applications

I learned how to code in C++ and Visual Basic at a technical high school. Thanks to the knowledge gained in my high school time, I can quickly adapt to other programming languages.


2022-Today Rappi.

Data Scientist

Creation and maintenance of Data Products using Python as the primary programming language and tools like Apache Airflow, Docker, Git, and SQL.

2021-2022 Upwork.

Freelance Data Scientist

Through Upwork's platform, I helped people with some data analysis tasks solving python exercises, among other projects.


Python Tutor

Helped students solve their problems and concerns about subjects or programming topics.

Clients Testimonials

To support my experience information, you will see what my previous clients say about my work.

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