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I'm constantly improving my technical skills, and this section is to list some of them.

Data Visualization

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My Portfolio

When I learn something new, I like to put into practice that new knowledge. Here, you can see some of my personal projects and also projects that I've made for clients.

My Resume

I've learned all that I know from different places and also applied that to different projects. This section is to show you the list of that information.


2009-2015 Colegio de Bachillerato Remigio Geo Gomez Guerrero.

Bachiller en Aplicaciones Informáticas

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2021-Today Upwork.

Freelance Python Programmer

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Clients Testimonials

To let you know the quality of my work, I listed some testimonials from the people I helped before in different projects.

My Blog

If you want to see content among others topics you can go to my blog.

My Tech Journey

Here, you will find some articles about tech and coding, which I'm learning along my way in the tech industry.

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If there are any comments, inquiries, or questions, please write them here.

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Patricio Requena